“After forgetting pills and realizing the need for a better way, I was driven to make iRemember, a smart pill organizer for my family and yours.”


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What We Do

iRemember enables users by combining communication technology with medications or supplements, offering timely, relevant information that supports their health decisions. iRemember is a portable, rechargeable device featuring a streamlined and familiar design utilizing audible and visible reminder cues to fit into existing behaviors of organizing and taking medicines. The optional smartphone app enables geofencing, last-opened, and battery level monitoring.
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Is the App Free?

The iRemember app is FREE for download and can be used independently and together with the Cap.
Download the app to help make pill time simple and safe. 
Free App version
– Unlimited Call, Text or Email Reminders
– 3 Care Team Members
– Refill Reminders
– Monthly Report
– Drug Interaction Checker
– 3 Health Measurements
Paid App (Subscription) Monthly $4.99 or Annually $44.99 (Save 25%)
– Unlimited Call, Text or Email Reminders
– Unlimited Care Team Members
– Refill Reminders
– Custom Report Date
– Drug Interaction Checker
– Unlimited Health Measurements
When App is paired to iRemember Talking Pill Cap
– Find My Pills
– Use History
– Customize and Control the Cap
– Custom Cap Voice (devices sold after 9/2022)

Is the Battery Rechargeable?

Yes, the internal battery is rechargeable and can be powered with any microUSB or can be charged with a powerbank. A 3-hour charge will typically last a week. We suggest a routine of charging cap when refilling pills, so that you never forget to charge your iRemember.

Do I Need a Phone to Use iRemember?

No, the device works by itself without additional support, but the features can be expanded by utilizing the smartphone app that is optional with purchase.
iRemember s cap provides a talking menu, which may be set to repeating time intervals of 24 hours, 12 hours,or 6 hours for once, twice, and thrice daily medicine schedule. When you finish taking pills or take them as needed (PRN), simply set the timer to Clear.
The talking cap is made to be set it and forget it meaning every time the cap is opened, the timer restarts automatically. When the timer ends, iRemember signals with an elegant water drop effect and voice quality message pill time. The water drop reminder replays every 30 seconds and reset when the cap is opened, or you may skip the dose by pausing reminders until the next timer interval by pressing the Status button.

Can I Use It with Multiple Medicines?

Yes, multiple medications and multiple doses may be organized within the compartments utilizing internal dividers. We offer extender rings for compartments to hold large pills or an eye drop bottle.

What Is Your Return Policy?

We do accept returns. Return any of our products within 30 days of purchase.

Patients and Nonadherence

Nonadherence to medication therapies can result in more care requirements, new medical problems, and extended treatment. Missed, over or under-dosed medication can lead to a resistance to treatment or a need for longer medication regimens to acquire the desired efficacy. Pain management nonadherence may result in drug reliance, overdosing, and even complications that are pain medication-related.

Billions Lost in Medication Adherence

According to an published in 2018 by Timothy Aungst, PharmD, examining studies over the previous years, the costs to the health care industry range from $495.3 billion to $627.7 billion annually. The solution? A medication management system that is comprehensive and involves the health care providers, pharmacists, and patients working together to improve medication adherence. iRemember fits seamlessly into this solution as an affordable, portable medication management option.
The iRemember 7-day talking pill organizer can be an integral tool in medical professional’s toolbelts that helps to decrease nonadherence, lowers the annual cost of medication-related problems, and reduces the consequences in patients.

Affordable and Effective Medicine Management

The pattern in health care is usually; effective equates to more expensive. We work hard to challenge this pattern by tasking iRemember with affordable and effective medicine management via engaging user experiences.
iRemember is unique in that it delivers simple, relevant, and clear information through actionable alerts, without requiring a phone.

The iRemember Mission

Our mission is to enable healthy behaviors with empowering solutions that are effective, accessible and affordable

Join us on our quest to improve self-care, eliminate dosing accidents while promoting healthy habits.

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    For Medical Professionals

    iRemember can be recommended to patients to improve drug adherence and avoid under or over dosing.

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