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The iRemember pill organizer is very user friendly out of the box! From large print and simple instructions, clear reference images, and easy product handling. This product can come in the clutch for the aging and medicated population in the modern era.

What separates iRemember from the generic plastic pill organizers is the state of the art technology that backs up the product in the form on an app to track the user’s prescription regiments and reminders.

It helps consumers remember to take their medicine as directed which translates to consistent medication purchases, refills, and adherence. This directly benefits retailers and pharmacists because it impacts the continued purchase of medication along with helping to prevent missed doses or overdosing.

Retailer pharmacies form a linear relationship with medication assistant products, providing solutions for better medication experiences.

For retailers of supplements and vitamins, iRemember pill organizer adds an additional layer of control and consistency for consumers of vitamins and supplements. Reminding users to take their supplements before heading to the gym or off to bed, iRemember works with retailers to keep supplement consumption regular and sales moving forward.

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