iRemember and Medical Professionals

A Comprehensive Solution

Medication nonadherence costs the health care system billions annually and results in hundreds of thousands of deaths per year. iRemember can be recommended to patients to improve adherence and prevent under or overdosing, helping to alleviate both problems.

Patients and Nonadherence

Nonadherence to medication therapies can result in more care requirements, new medical problems, and extended treatment. Missed, over or under-dosed medication can lead to a resistance to treatment or a need for longer medication regimens to acquire the desired efficacy. Pain management nonadherence may result in drug reliance, overdosing, and even complications that are pain medication-related.

Billions Lost in Medication Adherence

According to an published in 2018 by Timothy Aungst, PharmD, examining studies over the previous years, the costs to the health care industry range from $495.3 billion to $627.7 billion annually. The solution? A medication management system that is comprehensive and involves the health care providers, pharmacists, and patients working together to improve medication adherence. iRemember fits seamlessly into this solution as an affordable, portable medication management option.
The iRemember 7-day talking pill organizer can be an integral tool in medical professional’s toolbelts that helps to decrease nonadherence, lowers the annual cost of medication-related problems, and reduces the consequences in patients.

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