What Can iRemember Do for Your Medication Routines?


iRemember is Designed with You in Mind!

If you are looking for a portable, talking, programmable pill organizer device, iRemember is the product that suit your needs. We know how frustrating it is to forget when you last took your medicine, or to be unsure if you missed a dose. Set the iRemember timer and rest assured that your medication or supplement routine is taken care of. For 7-day pill organizing and scheduling you can count on, trust iRemember to handle your medications and supplements with care.

iRemember’s features are specially designed with the consumer in mind, as our founder had trouble remembering his medication when he was under doctor’s care. We are the ideal consumer for our own product! Read more to learn about the features we included in our pill organizer.


7 Days

iRemember is a smart, seven-day pill organizer that works with or without your phone, so you and your loved ones never forget what’s important. Unlike many other medication and health tracking devices, the iRemember pill organizer’s app is optional! iRemember works without the app as a smart pill dosage tracker, but is SMARTER with the app.

You can track your 7-day dosing with iRemember off the grid and away from your phone or use the iRemember app to enhance the existing features via options for additional function.

When linked to the app, iRemember automatically tracks doses and sends reminders to your phone, as well as to your loved ones. Whether it’s prescribed medication, vitamins, or health supplements, you’ll always be in the know. You can use it to monitor and contain pills however it suits your needs, even for medications or supplements for your pets.

At iRemember, our mission is to enable healthy behaviors by creating empowering solutions that are affordable and accessible. With iRemember portable pill container and dose tracker, you can take control of your medications, or those of the ones you love, with confidence.


Portable and Easy

iRemember’s convenient features that help you track dosage no matter where you are, include:

  • Portable containment with a consistent notification system; you can take it with you across time zones when traveling and continue to receive scheduled reminders.
  • The cap acts as a digital hourglass, perfect for repeating timer intervals (24, 12, and 6 hours). This means that the timer is based on the interval you set, following your time, and is not based on location or time zone.
  • Easy push-button top it will tell you the last time it was opened, this helps prevents accidental overdose or underdose.
  • Pocket size optional for daily meds if fewer compartments are connected.


Voice-Quality Audio

It was important for us to include a voice-quality speaker to deliver clear, simple instructions in any language. Studies have shown that people respond better to reminders that mimic or resemble the human voice, rather than “beeps and sounds.”

This feature is important to us, as creators of iRemember, because we don’t want you to forget. iRemember is programmable and notifies you in a human-like voice that will tell you when it was last opened or when to take the contained medications.

This voice also makes it easier to program and responding to alerts. Rather than having to remember and decipher beeps or robotic sounds, the voice gives clear, understandable directions.

Its simple design makes your life easier by helping you control your medications, tracking, and dosing.


No Need to Replace Batteries

iRemember includes a rechargeable battery and utilizes a USB cable to keep the organizer running and your dosage tracking. It is compatible with any microUSB, including a powerbank, and a 3-hour charge will typically last one week. (We suggest creating a charging schedule that coincides with refilling your pills.)

Batteries aren’t cheap and shopping for batteries is inconvenient, not to mention the difficulty in replacing them – What size are they? Where do I get them? How much do they cost? These are all things people do not want to deal with or remember when out shopping, and they shouldn’t have to!

Lose the disposable batteries that are costly, inconvenient, and bad for the environment and use iRemember to organize and track your medications and supplements.


Don’t Leave Home Without It!

How many times have you gotten on the road and realized you’d left your medications or vitamins at home? This happens all too often!

iRemember is smart! It will not let you leave home without it! If your phone and iRemember are separated, a message will be sent to your phone when paired with the app, informing you that it may be left behind, allowing you to go back and get it before getting too far from home.


Track and Monitor Opening and Closing

Opening or closing restarts the timer so you can set it and forget it. The open and close activity is stored using the cap status button which speaks “Last opened 2 hours ago” with green or red lights to indicate how the activity coincides with the programmed timer. If your iRemember is paired with the App, the App’s Activity Log shows real-time use.


Engaging Design

We focused on a design that is elegant, streamlined, and discreet. We know that health is not just at home, it follows us wherever we go. iRemember is designed not to appear like a typical pill organizer so that you can carry it with you with confidence.


As Simple as a Traffic Light

What if we had traffic lights on our pills? Could the universal green, yellow and red signals keeping vehicle traffic safely flowing, be applied to communicate when to start, caution, and stop taking the medicines?

Many more people are harmed by the misuse of medicines than by car accidents. We frequently see evidence of car crashes yet are rarely exposed to the extensive impact of medication dosage mistakes. To combat these issues, we wanted to create a system that could quickly, clearly, and universally communicate its status, with actionable feedback.


Still have Questions?

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