iRemember Story


Our Founder

iRemember was first developed by the company’s founder, Moore Greenberg. Moore’s educational background is in public health, business development, and technology innovation, grown with a passion for entrepreneurship and invention. iRemember is the brainchild of experience and foresight in the medical field. Born of necessity and an understanding of both sides of being a patient, Moore decided to focus his passion on a solution to improve medication dose safety. The effort is to prevent medication mistakes and simplify the process for families and care providers.

Although product development is the avenue of invention that Moore pursued with this 7-day pill organizer, his passion to help others through medical innovation does not start and end with iRemember. This desire to help others reaches family, friends, and strangers through action. From changing someone’s future via lifesaving CPR to working in hospitals, Moore wants to make a difference. (Yes, a normal gym visit turned into a life-changing day when our founder helped to save another gym patron’s life.)


Our Team

The iRemember team is comprised of designers, engineers, and business creatives who share a dedication to delivering engaging products and services to make your life easier. We view innovation and invention as a means to an end; an end that makes life better.

We strive to develop empowering tools that intersect technology (bits and bytes), humanity (multilingual), and design (ease of use). This is embodied in an intuitive product experience, an understanding of the barriers to health literacy, and our empathy for customers. Our goal is for customers and patients to enjoy an intuitive product experience that promotes self-care regardless of age, place, or circumstance.

Join us in our mission to improve lives!

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